Light Creosote Oil

Shiv Shakti Trading Corporation is the well-known Supplier of Light Creosote Oil. With the use of updated technology we ensure Light Creosote oil for long shelf life and free from impurities. Thus our material remains in liquid state even in Winter season.

It is USED in :
  • Black phenyl/ Black Disinfectant Fluid.
  • Widely used for waterproofing,
  • Treatment of wood,
  • Biocide (Fungicide, Algaecide, Bactericide)

Technical Specifications

Synonym Creosote Oil, Light Oil, Cresylic Creosote, Tar Oil
Appearance Dark brown liquid
Odour Naphthenic
SP. Gravity 0.98 ~ 1.1
Tar acid %

5% ~ 15 %

Auto ignition temperature

335o C

Chemical stability Stable under ordinary conditions
Incompatibility Incompatible with strong oxidizing agent
Decomposition Decomposition will not occur
Packing 210 Kg of ms drum