Mono Ethylene Glycol

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CAS No. 107-21-1
EINECS No. 203-473-3
Appearance Clear colourless
Sp. Gravity 1.15
Purity 0.99
Moisture(by KF) 0.24
Packing 230Kg HDPE Drum
  • Automotive antifreeze &coolants,
  • Heat Transfer fluids
  • Water based formulations (Adhesives, Latex paints, Asphalt emulsions).
  • Alkyd – type resins (Synthetic rubber adhesives.)
  • Resin esters as plasticizers ( Adhesives, lacquers &enamels)
  • Humectants in Textile Fibers, Paper, Leather, Adhesives, Glue)
  • Ceramic Industries
  • Construction Industries
  • Coolant Manufacturing